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Costa Mesa Personal Injury Attorney Raffi Kevorkian at Kevorkian & Madenlian is committed to providing skilled legal representation on behalf of injured individuals. If you are searching for a highly qualified Personal Injury Lawyer in Costa Mesa, contact our office today.

Our success can be seen in the multitude of people Mr. Kevorkian has successfully represented. Costa Mesa Personal Injury Lawyers at Kevorkian & Madenlian strive vigorously to obtain the best outcome possible for those they represent. A skilled Accident Injury Attorney, Raffi Kevorkian fights aggressively to preserve and protect the rights of the injured or harmed, and get the maximum compensation allowable under the law.

Call today for your free, confidential consultation with an experienced Costa Mesa Personal Injury Attorney!

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During your initial meeting with a knowledgeable Personal Injury Attorney in Costa Mesa, we will thoroughly review your matter with you to determine the most favorable approach to your case. If we do not recover a settlement or judgment on your behalf, you will not be required to pay any attorney fees.

Costa Mesa Personal Injury Attorney Raffi Kevorkian

1503 South Coast Drive, Suite 210 Costa Mesa, CA 92626

Phone:  (714) 668-1100  Fax: (714) 668-1112  24 Hour # (888) 747-5545



















Please complete Lawyer Raffi Kevorkian’s Personal Injury Case Evaluation Form and a member of our professional staff will call you to schedule your complimentary, in-depth consultation with a skilled Costa Mesa Personal Injury Lawyer.

If you need immediate help, contact a Personal Injury Attorney at Kevorkian & Madenlian at (714) 668-1100.

For after-hours assistance, please call Costa Mesa Personal Injury Lawyer Raffi Kevorkian at (888) 747-5545. Help is available for you and your loved ones 24 / 7!

Conveniently located in Costa Mesa, Attorney Raffi K. Kevorkian is pleased to represent clients and their families throughout the surrounding region.




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